95% of IT leaders in the UK and Ireland confirm that stress affects their employees’ retention – Intelligent CISO


Challenges Faced by Organizations in Implementing New Cybersecurity Solutions

Organisations in the UK and Ireland are facing a growing skills gap in cybersecurity, with stress impacting IT staff retention, according to a recent study by cybersecurity leader SenseOn. The research revealed that 95% of IT leaders feel the strain on their teams, exacerbating the talent shortage within the industry.

The study, which surveyed 250 heads of IT at companies with more than 500 employees, highlighted that 41% of businesses struggle with a lack of skilled personnel to manage and respond to cyber threats effectively. In response to this challenge, IT leaders are turning to technology for solutions, with ease of implementation being a top consideration for 42% of businesses when adopting new cybersecurity measures.

However, while organisations may be looking for quick wins, the implementation of new technology can take up to six months, with an additional six months spent on training staff to use the tools effectively. This not only adds to the burden on already-stressed teams but also leaves businesses vulnerable to cyber threats due to gaps in their security measures.

David Atkinson, CEO of SenseOn, emphasized the importance of a more measured approach to cybersecurity, consolidating tools to better manage data and reduce stress on IT and security professionals. He pointed out that buying point products in a reactionary manner may not provide long-term value and could actually increase vulnerabilities within the organization.

Ultimately, the study highlights the need for organisations to prioritize long-term cybersecurity strategies over quick-fix solutions to address the skills gap and reduce stress on IT teams. By investing in comprehensive cybersecurity measures, businesses can better protect themselves from evolving cyber threats and improve staff retention in the long run.

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