Abstract Security introduces AI-Powered Data Streaming Platform for Security, now available for General Use


PRESS RELEASE: Abstract Security Announces General Availability of Revolutionary Security Operations Platform

Abstract Security, a leading cybersecurity company, has just announced the general availability of its groundbreaking platform designed for the future of security operations. This platform, already in use by customers, aims to help security analysts and operations teams navigate data complexities, enhance security effectiveness, and reduce costs.

The co-founder and CPO of Abstract Security, Ryan Clough, expressed excitement about reaching this milestone, emphasizing the platform’s focus on data that matters and its ability to tie security back to business value. The platform’s key feature, the Abstract Security Engineer (ASE), utilizes a blend of AI, expert systems, machine learning, and subject matter expertise to provide instant data and detection capabilities by connecting to various data sources across organizations.

One of the standout features of Abstract’s platform is its ability to enable advanced analytics and correlation, identify security threats in real-time across enterprise and cloud infrastructure, and optimize storage to make relevant data accessible for security analytics. Additionally, the platform streamlines security pipelines by allowing data routing, transformation, and enrichment for security telemetry.

Moreover, Abstract Security has expanded its global presence, hired a seasoned technology leader as CTO, and appointed industry experts to its board and advisory council. The company has also received industry recognition, including a Global Infosec Award for “Pioneering Cybersecurity Startup” and a Cybersecurity Excellence Award for “Best Cybersecurity Startup” and “SIEM” categories.

For more information on Abstract Security and its innovative platform, visit their website and follow their journey on social media.

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