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Al Hathboor and Lenovo Unveil DialogXR: Revolutionizing AI Solutions in the UAE and Beyond

Al Hathboor (AHB), in collaboration with Lenovo, has introduced DialogXR, a cutting-edge AI product that utilizes Large Language Models (LLMs) to revolutionize organizations in the UAE and beyond.

DialogXR is a unique chatbot that automates tasks, enhances customer service, and provides personalized information and training for employees. Unlike generic chatbots, DialogXR is tailored to an organization’s specific knowledge base, ensuring accurate and relevant responses.

The partnership between AHB and Lenovo has culminated in the development of DialogXR, leveraging AHB’s AI expertise and Lenovo’s high-performance computing technology. This collaboration has resulted in the establishment of an advanced HPC cluster at the Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park (SRTIP), serving as the backbone for DialogXR.

The launch of DialogXR represents a significant milestone in democratizing AI technology for businesses in the UAE. With shared infrastructure, organizations can access the power of AI without the need for extensive investments in HPC infrastructure, enabling them to streamline operations, enhance customer service, and foster innovation.

Raj Sandhu from Al Hathboor expressed, “DialogXR is a leap forward in AI-powered solutions, addressing data sovereignty concerns and empowering organizations to leverage AI while maintaining control over their data.” The product offers seamless integration, 24/7 support, task automation, on-demand training, voice-enabled interactions, local deployment options, multilingual support, and more.

Alaa Bawab, GM of Lenovo Infrastructure Group, META, highlighted the partnership’s goal to make AI and HPC accessible to organizations in the Middle East. The launch of DialogXR demonstrates their commitment to empowering businesses without heavy upfront investments.

DialogXR is built on the robust Lenovo ThinkSystem SD650 V2 Node, designed for high-performance computing tasks within the AHB-Lenovo HPC cluster. With Lenovo GPFS storage integration, DialogXR ensures smooth and efficient operation for businesses across various sectors.

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