Automated threat intelligence newsletters


Automated Newsletters for Efficient Threat Intelligence Communication

Feedly, a leading platform for collecting and analyzing open-source threat intelligence, has launched a game-changing feature called Automated Newsletters. These newsletters automatically pull content from your Feedly and send timely intelligence updates to your C-suite, SOC, vulnerability team, and more.

With Feedly’s Automated Newsletters, you can easily share newsletters covering zero days, cyberattacks, and threat actor behaviors without spending hours manually formatting emails. The newsletters are customized with your company’s branding, ensuring each issue represents your team effectively.

The newsletters feature AI-generated summaries of incidents, highlighting key takeaways for quick understanding. You can also add your own expert analysis to provide further insights. By creating a consistent and branded template, you can increase engagement with your organization and ensure stakeholders are well-informed about the latest threats.

Incorporating analytics, Feedly allows you to track engagement metrics such as open rates, click rates, and most-viewed content. This data helps you understand what resonates most with your audience and enables you to continually improve the content of your newsletters.

Automated Newsletters streamline the process of sharing intelligence within your organization, saving you time and ensuring that your team is always well-prepared to respond to threats. Start a 30-day trial of Feedly for Threat Intelligence today and experience the benefits of easily sharing recurring intelligence briefings.

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