Bay Area Credit Union Faces Challenges in Rebuilding after Ransomware Attack


Patelco Credit Union Struggles to Recover from Ransomware Attack

The Bay Area credit union, Patelco, is currently facing a major crisis as tens of thousands of its customers are unable to access their accounts following a crippling ransomware attack. The attack occurred on June 29, forcing the credit union to shut down key banking systems to contain the damage and work on resolving the issue.

CEO Erin Mendez stated in a July 2 update that Patelco is working with third-party cybersecurity experts to restore the affected systems promptly. However, customers may still experience intermittent outages at Patelco’s ATMs during this process. Despite this, shared ATMs will remain available for cash withdrawals and deposits.

The ransomware attack severely impacted Patelco’s online banking systems, mobile app services, and call center, leaving customers without access to essential electronic transactions such as direct deposits, transfers, balance inquiries, and payments. The credit union reassured customers that they are working tirelessly to assess and restore services, although they cannot provide an estimated timeline for when systems will be fully operational.

This incident reflects a common pattern seen in ransomware attacks, where smaller organizations like Patelco are more vulnerable due to limited resources. Additionally, there is a growing trend among ransomware actors to extort victims by stealing data and threatening to expose it. Patelco has not disclosed the identity of the group behind the attack, leaving customers uncertain about the potential exposure of their sensitive information.

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