Case Study: Threat Intelligence Analysis at Delta Dental


Roger, the Senior Security Engineer at Cyber Risk Management Solutions for Delta Dental, has found a game-changing solution to the arduous task of monitoring vulnerabilities and emerging threats. With Feedly, a tool that gathers, prioritizes, and manages all critical intelligence on vulnerabilities in one place, Roger has revolutionized his workflow.

Previously, Roger spent hours each week manually researching and tracking vulnerabilities, visiting multiple threat intelligence websites, news sources, and social media platforms. This time-consuming process left him with little time to compile a comprehensive risk advisory report for his colleagues.

With Feedly, Roger now spends 50% less time gathering intelligence while obtaining more relevant and up-to-date information. The tool allows him to analyze millions of sources in near real-time, providing a complete picture of emerging threats in just 15 minutes.

This streamlined and effective intelligence-gathering process has not only improved efficiency but has also enhanced the team’s ability to spot critical issues faster. Leveraging Feedly’s capabilities, Roger has become more proactive in identifying vulnerabilities and recommending patches and fixes to ensure Delta Dental’s network remains secure.

Roger’s success story highlights the importance of utilizing advanced tools like Feedly in vulnerability management. By embracing cutting-edge technology, organizations can stay ahead of threats and protect their systems effectively.

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