Counterfeit Paris 2024 Summer Olympic Games tickets inundating the web


Beware of Scams: Fraudulent Olympic Ticket Websites and Cyber Threats on the Rise

Sports fans looking to secure tickets for the upcoming Paris 2024 Summer Olympic Games need to be extra cautious as cybercriminals are on the prowl. A recent experiment conducted by Proofpoint researchers revealed the presence of a fraudulent website masquerading as a marketplace for sports and events tickets.

The website, paris24tickets[.]com, was cleverly disguised as a legitimate platform but was actually a trap set up by fraudsters to deceive unsuspecting users. The criminals behind the scheme likely aimed to steal payment and personal information from sports enthusiasts eager to attend the prestigious event.

Although the fraudulent website has been taken down, the threat of online scams looms large, with French law enforcement identifying over 300 similar fraudulent Olympic ticketing websites, only managing to shut down 51 of them. Additionally, social media platforms like Facebook, Telegram, and Instagram have also become breeding grounds for scammers looking to exploit the high demand for tickets.

Experts warn that the upcoming Olympics could be a prime target for cyber espionage and disruption, especially with Russia potentially leveraging the event to further its agenda. Propaganda campaigns, such as a faux documentary titled “Olympics Has Fallen,” are already circulating on platforms like Telegram, featuring deep-faked celebrities and controversial content.

With the stakes high and the risks even higher, sports fans, athletes, and tourists planning to attend the Paris 2024 Summer Games must remain vigilant and exercise caution when purchasing tickets or engaging with online content related to the event. Stay informed and stay safe in the digital realm.

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