CSO Group and xAmplify Set to Merge in Strategic Partnership – Intelligent CISO


“CSO Group and xAmplify Announce Merger Plan to Create Australia’s Largest Cybersecurity and AI Consulting Group”

Australian cybersecurity company CSO Group and xAmplify, a leading automation systems and artificial intelligence integrator, have announced their plans to merge, creating Australia’s largest home-grown cybersecurity and AI consulting group.

The merger, set to be completed in the second half of 2024, will establish the nation’s biggest Australian-owned integrator of cybersecurity, AI, technology, and business automation services. This new entity aims to deliver cutting-edge AI, automation, and cybersecurity solutions to over 110 enterprise and government organizations across various industries including defense, government, energy, finance, healthcare, logistics, retail, construction, and mining.

With headquarters in Sydney and a strong national presence in every state and territory, the merged business will have a combined staff of over 160 experts. The CEOs of both companies, Michael Simkovic and Wayne Gowland, expressed their optimism about the merger, emphasizing the potential to disrupt the traditional global service provider models and offer integrated solutions that bring intelligence, optimization, and value to clients.

Industry analysts predict significant growth in cybersecurity and AI spending in Australia, with organizations expected to invest over AU$7.3 billion in information security and risk management products and services by 2024. Additionally, AI systems spending is forecasted to exceed AU$3.6 billion by 2025, indicating a growing demand for advanced technology solutions in the region.

By merging their expertise, CSO Group and xAmplify aim to help clients navigate the evolving business and technology landscape by providing innovative, secure, and efficient solutions that drive business value and ensure a digitally advanced and protected future for Australia.

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