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Cyber Million Program: Addressing the Cybersecurity Talent Shortage through Industry Collaboration

Recognizing the critical shortage of cybersecurity professionals worldwide, a new initiative called the Cyber Million program has been launched. This program, developed in collaboration with Immersive Labs and supported by Accenture Security, aims to bridge the talent gap by creating access to one million entry-level cybersecurity jobs over the next decade. By focusing on upskilling and aptitude rather than traditional evaluation methods, the Cyber Million program seeks to modernize the recruitment process and increase opportunities for job seekers in the cybersecurity industry.

The Global Cybersecurity Talent Shortage:

The cybersecurity industry currently faces a significant shortage of skilled professionals, with an estimated 3.4 million unfilled positions globally. Business leaders and cyber leaders, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2023 report, identify talent recruitment and retention as key challenges for managing cyber resilience. Addressing this talent deficit is crucial to ensure organizations can effectively protect their digital assets and combat the growing threat landscape.

The Objectives of the Cyber Million Program:

The primary goal of the Cyber Million program is to fill the existing cybersecurity job vacancies by creating one million entry-level roles over the next ten years. The program aims to reduce barriers to entry for job seekers and increase access to cybersecurity career opportunities. By leveraging upskilling and aptitude-based assessments, the program aims to identify individuals with the necessary skills and potential for success in cybersecurity, regardless of their background or formal education.

The Program Structure and Registration Process:

The Cyber Million program is open to individuals aged 16 and above who are interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity. Participants can register for the program and complete a series of curated hands-on exercises and labs at their own pace. These exercises align with the skill set requirements of open roles in the cybersecurity field. Upon successful completion of the labs, participants can apply for employment partner roles.

The Role of Accenture Security and Immersive Labs:

Accenture Security, serving as the first foundational partner of the Cyber Million program, recognizes the importance of developing cybersecurity talent and is actively involved in upskilling its own workforce. By partnering with Immersive Labs, a leading provider of hands-on cybersecurity training, Accenture aims to extend the benefits of the Immersive Labs platform to a wider audience and help individuals kickstart their careers in cybersecurity. The program promotes the idea that cybersecurity talent can be cultivated from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Industry Collaboration and Future Opportunities:

The success of the Cyber Million program depends on industry-wide collaboration and the involvement of organizations across the cybersecurity sector. By participating in the program, organizations have the opportunity to discover hidden talent, increase diversity in the cybersecurity workforce, and enhance resilience against cyberattacks. The program offers a scalable and innovative approach to addressing the cybersecurity talent crisis, providing a pathway for individuals to enter the industry and contribute to the future of cybersecurity.


The Cyber Million program represents a collaborative effort to tackle the global cybersecurity talent shortage by creating access to one million entry-level jobs in the field. By focusing on upskilling and aptitude-based assessments, the program aims to diversify the cybersecurity workforce and identify individuals with the potential to excel in the industry. With the support of Accenture Security and Immersive Labs, the program offers a transformative approach to cybersecurity talent recruitment and provides individuals with opportunities to develop their skills and contribute to the ongoing fight against cyber threats.

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