EDGE and Thales forge a strategic alliance


EDGE and Thales announce a strategic partnership

EDGE Group, a leading advanced technology group in the UAE, has announced a strategic partnership with Thales, a global leader in aerospace, defense, and security solutions. The partnership, announced at the international defense and security show, Eurosatory, will focus on the co-development of Software Defined Radio technologies in the UAE.

The declaration of intent was signed by top executives from both companies, including Didier Pagnoux, CEO of KATIM (an EDGE Group entity), Abdelhafid Mordi, CEO of Thales in the UAE, and Christophe Groshenry, Vice President of Radio at Thales. The signing ceremony was attended by key figures from both organizations, highlighting the significance of this collaboration.

The partnership aims to address the UAE’s growing demand for high-tech solutions and support the country’s ambitious global exports roadmap. Together, EDGE and Thales will work on the development, production, and maintenance of advanced airborne and long-range high-frequency radio communication solutions.

Didier Pagnoux, CEO of KATIM, expressed his excitement about the partnership, emphasizing the potential for innovative and secure communication solutions that meet both domestic and international market needs. Christophe Salomon, Executive Vice-President of Thales Secure Communications & Information Systems, also highlighted the strategic importance of the partnership in line with Thales’ development strategy in the UAE.

This collaboration between EDGE and Thales represents a significant milestone in the advancement of communication technology in the UAE and underscores the country’s commitment to driving innovation in the defense and security sector. With their combined expertise and resources, the two companies are poised to make a lasting impact on the industry.

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