Employee Email of ANY.RUN Malware Sandbox Provider Compromised


ANY.RUN Cybersecurity Incident: Employee Falls Victim to Phishing Attack

ANY.RUN, a prominent online malware analysis environment, recently disclosed a cybersecurity incident involving a sophisticated phishing attack that targeted one of its employees. The attack, which originated from a compromised customer account, led to unauthorized access to the employee’s email account and the dissemination of phishing messages to contacts within the compromised address book.

In response to the breach, ANY.RUN has affirmed its commitment to transparency and stated that they are working diligently to investigate the incident and mitigate potential damage. The company has already notified data controllers of affected individuals and is collaborating closely with them to address any concerns.

Despite the breach, ANY.RUN emphasized that the compromised employee did not have access to the production environment or any code base, limiting the potential scope of the incident. The company has taken immediate steps to minimize further compromise and is conducting an ongoing investigation to determine the full impact of the breach.

Moving forward, ANY.RUN has outlined a series of steps to address the incident, including continuing their investigation, providing regular updates on their progress, and compiling a detailed report of their findings. The company acknowledges the importance of transparency in cybersecurity incident reporting and is committed to keeping all parties informed throughout the process.

This incident serves as a reminder that even companies in the cybersecurity industry are vulnerable to attacks. With cybersecurity threats on the rise, it is crucial for organizations to remain vigilant and proactive in safeguarding their systems and data.

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