Enhancing Analysis Speed with Feedly and Cyware’s Rich Context


Feedly Integration with Cyware for Threat Intelligence

Feedly and Cyware have joined forces to revolutionize threat intelligence gathering, analysis, and orchestration. The integration of Feedly’s AI-powered intelligence collection with Cyware’s CTIX and Orchestrate platforms allows security teams to automate the collection of relevant open-source intelligence from various sources like social media, threat intel blogs, and advisories.

By automatically converting indicators into rich STIX 2.1 format and ingesting them into Cyware, teams can correlate this data with other sources to score it or take action through Orchestrate SOAR. This streamlined process helps teams save significant time and provides the necessary context to accelerate analysis and decision-making.

Recognizing that threat data needs to be timely, accurate, and relevant, Cyware ensures that users have access to a single view of threat objects with all their relationships, be it from Feedly, a MISP feed, or a paid source like Crowdstrike. This comprehensive approach fills information gaps and enables teams to connect the dots between IoCs, threat actors, TTPs, vulnerabilities, and malware.

The testimonial from Boyar Naito, Sr. Director of Partnerships and Business Development, praises Feedly’s impressive volume and quality of relationships, highlighting the rich context provided by Feedly sources for investigations.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Feedly and Cyware empowers security teams to automate threat intelligence collection, analysis, and response, ultimately enhancing their defenses and proactive security posture.

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