Entrust Launches Citizen Identity Orchestration Solution to Enhance Public Service Efficiency


Entrust Launches Citizen Identity Orchestration Solution to Streamline Public Service Delivery

Entrust Launches Citizen Identity Orchestration Solution to Revolutionize Public Service Delivery

Entrust, a global leader in identity-centric security solutions, has unveiled its groundbreaking Citizen Identity Orchestration solution. This innovative offering is set to transform the way governments deliver public services by ensuring secure digital identities for all citizens.

In a world where digitalization is becoming increasingly essential, governments are facing growing demands for seamless and transparent service delivery. The Citizen Identity Orchestration solution from Entrust aims to address these challenges by providing a modular and user-friendly platform that enhances trust in every citizen interaction.

With this solution, citizens can expect reliable and inclusive access to government services, all while enjoying a seamless and secure digital experience. From border crossing to healthcare access, the Entrust solution promises to elevate the standards of security and privacy in government-to-citizen interactions.

Tony Ball, President of Payment & Identity at Entrust, emphasized the importance of establishing online identities and providing secure infrastructure to empower citizens and businesses. He highlighted the need for digital services to be convenient, accessible, and secure in order to drive citizen adoption and engagement.

The Citizen Identity Orchestration solution boasts a range of benefits, including a composable architecture for easy integration, total experience design for enhanced citizen engagement, and standards-based compliance with regulatory requirements. Additionally, the solution offers a chain of trust through AI-driven fraud detection and robust authentication mechanisms.

One of the key use cases enabled by this solution is multimodal seamless cross-border travel, which simplifies entry and exit processes for legitimate travelers. By leveraging biometric smart corridors and mobile-based pre-enrollment, governments can enhance border security while improving the overall travel experience.

Entrust’s commitment to government digital transformation is evident in the launch of this solution, which builds on the company’s legacy of providing secure identity solutions for over 50 years. As governments worldwide strive to enhance security, convenience, and trust in citizen interactions, Entrust remains a reliable partner in driving this transformation forward.

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