Essential Cyber Hygiene Tips for Safe and Secure Travel: A Traveler’s Guide to Cybersecurity


Tips for Safe and Secure Travel: Cyber Hygiene Essentials

Cybersecurity expert Jonas Walker, Security Strategist at FortiGuard Labs, has shared essential tips for travelers to stay safe and secure while using their devices this summer. As the summer travel season kicks off, it’s important to be aware of the increased cyber risks that come with traveling.

Walker emphasizes the importance of practicing cyber hygiene, comparing it to personal hygiene in terms of maintaining a daily routine. When traveling, individuals often carry devices like laptops and smartphones that connect to various networks, making them vulnerable to cyber threats.

One key tip is to regularly update and patch your systems, as outdated software can leave devices vulnerable to attacks. It’s also crucial to be cautious about what you install on your devices and avoid connecting to public Wi-Fi networks, which can be easily compromised by threat actors.

For employees working remotely while traveling, Walker recommends creating personal hotspots using SIM cards from the country they are visiting or using mobile Wi-Fi routers to ensure a secure connection. Additionally, he advises against using social media accounts to log in to platforms and being wary of scams and phishing attempts on social media.

By following these cybersecurity tips, travelers can protect their digital information and enjoy a safe and secure travel experience. Remember, staying vigilant about cyber hygiene is key to safeguarding your digital life while on the go.

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