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Tenable Holdings to Acquire Eureka Security for Cloud Data Security Posture Management

Tenable Holdings, a leading cybersecurity company, has made a strategic move by acquiring Eureka Security, a provider of data security posture management (DSPM) for cloud environments. This acquisition is set to enhance Tenable’s Cloud Security solution by adding DSPM capabilities, allowing customers to gain a comprehensive view of their cloud data security posture.

With the increasing number of cloud-related breaches reported in recent years, the need for robust cloud security solutions has become more critical than ever. By integrating Eureka Security’s technology into its CNAPP offering, Tenable aims to provide customers with better prioritization of cloud risks, including identifying sensitive data, access controls, and potential data compromise risks.

Shai Morag, senior vice president and general manager of Cloud Security at Tenable, expressed excitement about the acquisition, highlighting the importance of addressing data at risk in addition to vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. The integration of Eureka Security’s DSPM capabilities into Tenable’s Cloud Security solution is expected to provide security teams with the context and guidance needed to make efficient and accurate remediation decisions.

Liat Hayun, co-founder and CEO of Eureka Security, also shared her enthusiasm about joining Tenable, emphasizing the value of their data-centric approach in navigating the dynamic cloud landscape while ensuring the highest level of security and compliance. The integration of Eureka Security’s capabilities into Tenable’s CNAPP solution is expected to further strengthen Tenable’s position as a leader in cloud security innovation.

Overall, the acquisition of Eureka Security by Tenable Holdings signifies a significant step towards enhancing cloud security capabilities and reducing cloud data risk on a global scale. The integration of DSPM capabilities is set to provide customers with a more comprehensive and effective approach to managing their cloud security posture.

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