Feedly now integrates with EclecticIQ


Key Features of Feedly for Threat Intelligence – Improving Investigations and Defenses

Feedly and EclecticIQ have teamed up to provide a revolutionary way for teams to collect, analyze, and act on threat intelligence data. The integration of Feedly’s no-code solution with EclecticIQ’s Intelligence Center allows teams to efficiently gather relevant open-source threat data and seamlessly ingest it into their system.

By utilizing Feedly’s AI capabilities, teams can automatically convert intelligence reports and articles into rich STIX exports, ensuring that the data is actionable and easily consumable by EclecticIQ. This streamlined process helps to minimize blind spots, provide context, and enhance investigative workflows within the platform.

With the ability to collect open-source intelligence that’s specific to an organization’s needs and industry, the partnership between Feedly and EclecticIQ empowers cybersecurity analysts to quickly evaluate threats, set up defenses, and streamline their investigative workflows. The actionable intelligence provided by Feedly’s AI significantly speeds up the analysis and investigation process, ultimately leading to more efficient threat detection and remediation efforts.

In a world where irrelevant threat data can distract analysts and hinder investigations, the combination of Feedly and EclecticIQ offers a solution that delivers targeted and contextual intelligence. The no-code integration between the two platforms provides a simple and effective way for teams to enhance their threat intelligence capabilities and stay ahead of evolving cyber threats.

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