FTC Report: Payments from Government Impersonation Scams Doubled in 2023


Government Impersonation Scammers Targeting Consumers for Cash Payments on the Rise, FTC Data Shows

The latest data from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has revealed a disturbing trend – an alarming increase in the amount of cash lost to government impersonation scams. In 2023 alone, consumers reported losing a staggering $76 million to these scammers, nearly double the amount lost in 2022. And the problem shows no sign of slowing down, with reports indicating that consumers have already lost $20 million in the first quarter of 2024.

What makes these scams particularly dangerous is the high median loss for those who fall victim to them. In the first three months of 2024, the median loss for consumers who paid cash to government impersonation scammers was a shocking $14,740, significantly higher than any other method of payment. Reports have shown that consumers have been duped into mailing cash or giving money to drivers sent to collect payments.

Authorities are not sitting idly by in the face of these escalating scams. The FTC, along with a host of other government agencies, including the Department of Justice, FBI, and IRS, are working tirelessly to educate the public about these fraudulent schemes and prevent further financial losses. The message is clear – government agencies will never ask for payments over the phone, email, or social media, and it is crucial for consumers to remain vigilant and avoid falling victim to these scams.

With reported losses to government impersonation scams reaching $618 million in 2023, it is clear that this is a serious issue that deserves attention. By raising awareness and educating the public, authorities hope to stem the tide of cash lost to these deceptive tactics and protect consumers from financial harm.

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