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GameAbove Commits $1.6 Million to Eastern Michigan University’s Cybersecurity Program

GameAbove, an alumni-led philanthropic group at Eastern Michigan University (EMU), has announced a generous $1.6 million gift to the College of Engineering and Technology. The donation aims to support the launch of a Cybersecurity for Embedded Systems initiative, enhance offerings within cybersecurity and the Internet of Things (IoT), and establish a dedicated Cybersecurity Certificate Program. With this commitment, GameAbove aims to solidify EMU’s position as a leading cybersecurity program in the country.Expanding Cybersecurity Education:The GACET School of Information Security and Applied Computing at EMU offers a highly regarded cybersecurity program that defends against cyber-attacks and protects sensitive data. It was among the first institutions in the United States to offer a cybersecurity major and has achieved ABET accreditation and National Security Agency (NSA) certification. The program offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as a combination of online and in-person courses to cater to diverse student needs.Cybersecurity Offerings at EMU:Starting in 2024, EMU will offer a range of cybersecurity programs and courses, including:Certificate Program:Fundamentals of CybersecurityUndergraduate Programs:Information Assurance and Cyber Defense [B.S.]Information Technology [B.S.]Digital Forensics and Incident Response MinorInformation Assurance Compliance MinorGraduate Programs:Cybersecurity [M.S.] (available online)Cybersecurity [M.S. + B.S.]Accolades and Achievements:EMU’s GACET has received recognition for its cybersecurity program. The NSA designated it as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense through 2028. The program’s Bachelor of Information Assurance and Cyber Defense was ranked seventh nationwide and the top program in Michigan for Best Online Bachelor’s in Cybersecurity by Opportunities and Alumni Support:With an impressive job placement rate of nearly 100%, EMU’s cybersecurity graduates find employment at renowned companies such as Google, Amazon, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and the NSA. GameAbove, with its strong alumni network and industry partnerships, plays a crucial role in connecting cybersecurity students with career opportunities. The organization aims to continue forging partnerships with industry leaders to support graduates from EMU’s top cybersecurity programs.GameAbove’s Support and Impact:GameAbove has been a significant contributor to EMU, committing over $28 million to various programs that promote innovation and academic advancement. The philanthropic group has supported faculty enrichment, provided financial aid to students, and improved facilities for student-athletes. Their partnership has been instrumental in creating opportunities and enhancing the educational experience for EMU students.Conclusion:The generous $1.6 million gift from GameAbove to EMU’s College of Engineering and Technology demonstrates the group’s commitment to developing a leading cybersecurity program. The donation will support the launch of a Cybersecurity for Embedded Systems initiative, expand offerings in cybersecurity and IoT, and establish a dedicated Cybersecurity Certificate Program. EMU’s cybersecurity program has achieved significant recognition and has a high job placement rate. With GameAbove’s continued support, EMU aims to strengthen its position as a national leader in cybersecurity education and research.

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