Gen Launches Scam Artists Exhibition to Showcase Emotional Impact of Cybercrime through Artistic Expression


GEN Launches Scam Artists Campaign to Highlight Emotional Impact of Cybercrime

In a groundbreaking effort to raise awareness about cybercrime and its emotional impact, Gen™ has launched a powerful educational campaign called Scam Artists. This initiative uses art to visually depict the psychological effects of cyber attacks on individuals, aiming to prompt a proactive approach to online safety.

The campaign, developed in collaboration with psychologist Lee Chambers, involved monitoring the brain reactions of three victims of scams and identity theft using Electroencephalography (EEG) headsets. The victims were asked to recall their emotional states before, during, and after the attacks, with the final session focusing on cyber protection. The data collected from the headsets was then transformed into creative visuals, showcasing the victims’ emotional journeys.

According to Lee Chambers, experiencing a cyberattack can lead to negative emotional responses such as stress, anxiety, and uncertainty. The resulting artwork from the campaign highlights these emotional reactions, illustrating the need for individuals to be more vigilant and proactive in protecting themselves online.

Moreover, a recent survey conducted as part of the campaign revealed that over two-thirds of Americans believe they could be vulnerable to cybercrime. The research also indicated that understanding optimism bias can motivate individuals to consider cybersecurity measures, emphasizing the importance of digital safety in today’s interconnected world.

Gen, a global leader in Cyber Safety, aims to provide peace of mind to users by offering innovative solutions to protect against cyber threats. Through the Scam Artists campaign, Gen seeks to not only raise awareness about the detrimental effects of cybercrime but also emphasize the positive impact of online protection on overall wellbeing.

To learn more about the Scam Artists campaign and explore the artwork, visit Take control of your online safety and join the fight against cybercrime with Gen’s family of trusted consumer brands.

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