Group-IB collaborates with the Security Operations Center-Capability & Maturity Model


Group-IB partners with the Security Operations Center-Capability & Maturity Model to Enhance SOC Capabilities

Group-IB, a prominent player in the cybersecurity industry, has recently announced its partnership with the Security Operations Center-Capability & Maturity Model (SOC-CMM) as its first Silver Support Partner in the Asia-Pacific region. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the capabilities of Security Operations Centers (SOCs) globally through a range of services including assessments, consulting, and training.

The SOC-CMM model has gained recognition as the standard for measuring capability maturity in SOCs with a focus on specific technologies and processes. Group-IB’s role as a Silver Support Partner will involve providing expert guidance, conducting workshops, and delivering training to assist organizations in implementing and complying with SOC-CMM standards.

Vladimir Goliashev, Director of Cyber Defence & SOC Consulting at Group-IB, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating that it signifies the company’s commitment to advancing cybersecurity standards worldwide. Group-IB’s Digital Crime Resistance Centers (DCRCs) will play a key role in conducting SOC-CMM assessments globally and providing tailored solutions to help organizations identify areas for improvement and enhance their security postures.

Rob van Os, CEO of SOC-CMM, also shared his excitement about the partnership, noting that Group-IB’s expertise in cybersecurity technologies will greatly benefit organizations looking to enhance and mature their SOC operations. With DCRCs in multiple regions, Group-IB is well-positioned to provide SOC advisory services to organizations worldwide.

This partnership between Group-IB and SOC-CMM marks a significant step towards bolstering cybersecurity measures and ensuring the resilience of organizations against digital threats. The collaboration is poised to bring about positive changes in the cybersecurity landscape and empower SOCs to operate at peak efficiency.

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