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Motorola Solutions’ Avigilon Unity Video Security Solution Chosen by Guayaquil Airport

Guayaquil Airport Boosts Security with Motorola Solutions’ Avigilon Unity

Terminal Aeroportuaria de Guayaquil S.A, TAGSA, the management company behind the José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport in Guayaquil, has made a significant investment in enhancing airport security. They have chosen Motorola Solutions’ Avigilon Unity video security and access control solution to bolster safety and efficiency at the bustling airport.

With an average of four million passengers annually and connectivity to over 15 international destinations, Guayaquil’s airport is a key hub in Ecuador’s air traffic network. The deployment of Avigilon Unity aims to address security threats commonly faced by international airports, from petty theft to terrorism.

TAGSA’s General Manager, Ángel Córdova, emphasized the importance of technology in maintaining high service standards and ensuring the safety of passengers, staff, and operations. This new security solution extends coverage to previously unsupervised areas and equips security personnel with tools to make informed decisions quickly and effectively.

Motorola Solutions’ Avigilon security cameras have been strategically placed across the airport to monitor critical locations. The use of video analytics helps detect anomalies and potential security hazards, such as unauthorized access or unattended baggage. Additionally, thermal cameras are employed to improve nighttime visibility and identify intruders in restricted areas based on their heat signatures.

Ulises Gomez, Motorola Solutions Latin America’s Vice President, praised the efficiency of Avigilon Unity in assisting security personnel in real-time incident detection and response. This deployment marks a significant enhancement in the safety and security measures at Guayaquil Airport, ensuring a smooth and secure travel experience for all passengers.

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