Industry’s need for 225,000 professionals met by security leaders


Addressing the Cybersecurity Skills Gap: Insights from Security Leaders

The cybersecurity industry is facing a significant talent gap, with only 85% of available positions currently filled. Recent data has revealed that around 225,200 cybersecurity professionals are needed to close this gap, highlighting a pressing need for skilled individuals to join the workforce.

Security leaders have weighed in on this issue, offering valuable insights and solutions to bridge the skills gap in the cybersecurity sector. Dave Gerry, CEO at Bugcrowd, emphasizes the importance of recruiting from non-traditional backgrounds to expand the candidate pool and provide opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Gareth Lindahl-Wise, Chief Information Security Officer at Ontinue, suggests incentivizing training efforts and job shadowing to enhance real-world experience. Tim Callan, Chief Experience Officer at Sectigo, advocates for modernizing tools and automating routine tasks to reduce stress and improve job satisfaction for cybersecurity professionals.

Dean Webb, a Cybersecurity Solutions Engineer at Merlin Cyber, highlights the challenges posed by AI-driven attacks and the need for better automation of defenses. Omri Weinberg, Co-Founder and CRO at DoControl, stresses the importance of offering training programs and expanding the talent pool in the cybersecurity industry.

Sunil Muralidhar, Vice President at ColorTokens, raises awareness about the mental health and stress levels of cybersecurity professionals, offering actionable strategies for promoting overall well-being within security teams. These insights underscore the importance of addressing both the talent gap and the well-being of cybersecurity professionals in the industry.

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