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Integrity360 Acquires Advantio to Strengthen Pan-European Cybersecurity Presence

In pursuit of its Pan-European expansion plan, cybersecurity services provider Integrity360 has acquired Advantio, a major European PCI QSA (Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessor) and cybersecurity services company. The acquisition aims to enable Integrity360 to expand further into continental Europe and enhance its range of cybersecurity services, particularly in PCI compliance. The strategic partnership with Advantio’s founders will also help expand the footprint of ZeroRisk, an innovative SaaS platform that provides compliance and cyber risk management profiling services for the payment industry.Advantio, founded in 2009 and headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, operates from multiple facilities across Europe, serving over 250 customers in Europe, the USA, and Asia. The company has achieved impressive growth rates of approximately 25% annually over the last three years and expects revenues of approximately €10 million in the next 12 months.The combination of Advantio with Integrity360 will significantly boost group revenues to approximately €115 million in 2023, up from €85 million in 2022. Additionally, the merger will expand the group’s resources to approximately 450 employees, adding Advantio’s cyber services capabilities, including PCI compliance, cyber security testing, cyber risk and assurance, and MDR services (Managed Detection and Response), to Integrity360’s existing range of services.The acquisition will also strengthen Integrity360’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) operations, as Advantio’s existing SOC in Naples will merge with Integrity360’s SOCs in Dublin, Sofia, and Stockholm. Together, they will operate with over 100 dedicated engineers, consultants, and cyber experts, offering a wide-ranging set of managed services, such as EDR, XDR, and MDR.Advantio’s pioneering position in PCI compliance, reflected in its recognition as a major Qualified Security Assessor organization in Europe and globally, will complement Integrity360’s existing regulatory and cyber framework services capability. Furthermore, the combined expertise of both companies will position them as a powerhouse of technical cyber and security payments expertise, particularly in preparing for the upcoming PCI DSS 4.0 standard, which demands comprehensive threat detection and incident response services.Ian Brown, Executive Chairman at Integrity360, expressed excitement about the expanded group’s ability to provide a comprehensive range of cybersecurity services across continental Europe. The complementary strengths of both companies in cyber assurance, security testing, and managed detection and response align well with the group’s customer service ethos.Marco Borza, Founder and CEO of Advantio, expressed delight in joining forces with Integrity360 to continue Advantio’s growth journey. He credited their customers and employees for Advantio’s success as a pioneering QSA and cybersecurity service provider. The strategic partnership with Integrity360 will enable Advantio to expand its services and market coverage, benefiting customers, employees, and partners alike.In addition to the acquisition, Integrity360 and Advantio will form a strategic partnership to expand ZeroRisk’s merchant management platform. This platform enables merchants and merchant service providers to measure risk and manage compliance efficiently. The partnership will further extend their portfolio of professional, support, and managed services.Overall, the collaboration between Integrity360 and Advantio is poised to elevate the group’s cybersecurity capabilities and strengthen its position as a leading cybersecurity services provider in the Pan-European region. The combined expertise, resources, and strategic partnerships will better equip the group to tackle emerging cyber threats and meet the growing demand for robust cybersecurity solutions in the digital age.

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