Intelligent CISO reports on how Sophos’ managed detection and response service supports GAC’s cybersecurity transformation


Sophos partners with GAC Group to enhance cybersecurity strategy

Sophos, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with GAC Group to enhance the shipping and logistics company’s cybersecurity strategy.

GAC Group, headquartered in the UAE and operating in over 50 countries worldwide, has a robust IT infrastructure supported by a team of IT professionals dedicated to maintaining a strong defense against cyber threats. The company recognized the need to bolster its cybersecurity defenses further in the face of increasing ransomware attacks and other cyber threats prevalent in today’s digital landscape.

In response to these challenges, GAC Group deployed Sophos Intercept X, an advanced endpoint security solution that provides multiple layers of security against sophisticated cyber attacks. Impressed by the results achieved with Sophos Intercept X, GAC Group opted for Sophos Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service to strengthen its cybersecurity posture even further.

Harish Chib, Vice President of Middle East and Africa at Sophos, commended GAC’s proactive approach to cybersecurity and emphasized the importance of around-the-clock monitoring and expert security analysis provided by Sophos MDR. This service enables GAC Group to navigate the evolving threat landscape with confidence and resilience.

Tilak Ratnayake, Group IT Security and Infrastructure Manager at GAC Group, highlighted the alignment between Sophos’s cutting-edge technology and skill sets with their cybersecurity requirements. The partnership with Sophos has provided GAC Group with operational peace of mind, knowing that their equipment is monitored continuously for any potential security threats.

The collaboration between Sophos and GAC Group exemplifies the importance of strong cybersecurity measures in today’s digital business environment. With the threat of cyber attacks on the rise, organizations must prioritize cybersecurity to safeguard their operations and data from malicious actors.

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