Leaders in the security industry discuss the White House’s AI order


Establishing Chief Artificial Intelligence Officers in Federal Agencies: A New Order for AI Oversight

The White House recently made an important announcement regarding AI technology in federal agencies. In a press call, it was revealed that all federal organizations will be required to appoint a chief artificial intelligence (AI) officer to oversee the organization’s approach to AI technology. The main goal of this new position is to effectively manage the risks associated with evolving AI capabilities within each federal agency.

Security leaders Marcus Fowler, CEO of Darktrace Federal, and Gal Ringel, Co-Founder and CEO at Mine, shared their insights on the importance of AI leadership and governance in the federal government. Fowler emphasized the need for AI officers to have a strong understanding of AI technologies and potential security threats. He highlighted the importance of educating organizations on the use cases and risks associated with AI tools to mitigate business risks.

Ringel pointed out that while the new rules will help safeguard AI use in the government sector, there is still a need for federal legislation overseeing AI governance in the private sector. He suggested that independent third parties may be better equipped to run AI-related assessments to ensure transparency, harm reduction, and responsible usage.

Overall, the establishment of chief AI officers in federal agencies marks an important step towards enhancing AI governance and security within the government. With the rapid advancement of AI technology, it is crucial for organizations to have dedicated leadership overseeing the safe and effective deployment of AI tools.

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