Maintaining AI Safety while Promoting Innovation


Exploring the Intersection of AI Safety and Security at Black Hat 2024

The intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) safety and security will take center stage at Black Hat 2024 in Las Vegas next month. Led by Nathan Hamiel, the panel of experts aims to shed light on the critical importance of addressing AI safety in the midst of rapid technological advancements.

Many security professionals often overlook AI safety, assuming it’s a concern best left to academics or governments. However, with AI’s increasing integration into everyday systems and decision-making processes, ensuring its safety has become a pressing issue.

Hamiel emphasizes that AI safety is not just a theoretical concept but a practical necessity for organizations using AI technology. The panel will focus on the relationship between AI safety and security, emphasizing that an insecure product is inherently unsafe to use.

Discussing the technical and human harms that can arise from AI deployments, the panel will provide insights on how organizations can take responsibility for the safety of their AI applications. Hamiel’s framework of assessing AI products based on their security, privacy, alignment, and reliability will guide the discussion.

With diverse experts from the private sector and government, the panel aims to educate attendees on the challenges and responsibilities associated with AI safety. By dispelling myths and highlighting the importance of integrating safety considerations into security strategies, the goal is to ensure that AI deployments are safe and secure for all users.

As AI technology continues to advance and become more pervasive, conversations like these at Black Hat are crucial in shaping the future of AI safety. Hamiel emphasizes the timeliness of the topic and looks forward to the productive discussions that will take place at the event.

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