Maximizing the business benefits of security


Unlocking the Business Value of Security: Strategies for Security Professionals

In today’s fast-paced business world, the role of security professionals is more crucial than ever. Daniel Norman, Middle East Regional Director of the Information Security Forum, raises an important question: How can security professionals unlock the business value of security without facing conflicts from other stakeholders?

Security functions, especially cyber security teams, are under constant scrutiny. Despite the critical role they play in securing and enabling the business, limited budgets and a lack of understanding of their value proposition can create a challenging environment for these teams.

To address these challenges, Norman suggests repositioning the security proposition by showcasing its relevance in the modern business value chain. By highlighting how security activities positively impact value outcomes in various business activities, security leaders can engage in meaningful conversations with stakeholders.

Furthermore, Norman emphasizes the importance of collaboration to balance the cost, risk, agility, and security equation. By outlining the benefits of security controls in business, technical, and risk terms, security leaders can make value-based decisions that support the overall business objectives.

Improving the relationship with the business and developing a positive brand and culture for security are also key strategies suggested by Norman. By using business-aligned terminology, demonstrating the impact of security incidents, and fostering a culture of positivity and creativity within the security team, leaders can enhance the value and relevancy of security in the organization.

Overall, Norman’s insights provide a roadmap for security professionals to demonstrate the value they bring to the enterprise and ensure that their work remains relevant and impactful in today’s business landscape.

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