Microsoft Employee Unintentionally Exposes PlayReady Source Code


Microsoft PlayReady DRM Internal Code Leak – Implications and Response

In a shocking turn of events, a Microsoft software engineer accidentally leaked 4GB of internal PlayReady DRM source code on a public developer forum. This data breach has raised concerns about the security of Microsoft’s digital rights management technology, which is widely used to protect media files.

The leaked code includes crucial information that could potentially be used for reverse engineering or cracking the DRM protection. PlayReady, introduced in 2007, is a platform-independent DRM system that includes encryption, output protection, and digital rights management features.

Researchers from cybersecurity company AG Security Research Lab were able to compile the required Windows PlayReady DLL library from the leaked code. They discovered vulnerabilities in the Protected Media Path components of PlayReady, which could allow access to plaintext content keys on Windows 10 and 11 systems.

The implications of this leak are significant, as it could potentially affect a large number of users until Windows 10’s retirement in 2025. Major streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video could also be at risk due to these vulnerabilities.

Microsoft has been notified about the leak and has taken steps to address the issue. However, the incident highlights the challenges of maintaining the security and secrecy of DRM implementations. It also underscores the importance of following guidelines for handling sensitive information in public forums to prevent such breaches in the future.

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