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Key Global Networking Trends Shaping the Future of Digital Businesses: Insights from Cisco’s 2024 Report

Cisco’s latest research has uncovered key global networking trends that are reshaping the future of digital businesses. The company’s 2024 Global Networking Trends Report has revealed that networks are becoming increasingly crucial to the success of business strategies.

The study, which surveyed over 2,000 IT leaders and professionals, found that investing in advanced network environments leads to improved business metrics such as customer and employee satisfaction, operational efficiency, and business growth.

Key factors driving innovation in networking include Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud, hybrid work, applications, and Internet of Things (IoT). However, challenges such as network complexity, legacy approaches, and skillset mismatches often hinder efforts to deliver quality experiences.

Cisco’s report has identified three major themes dominating the digital landscape:

1. The platform: A centralised network management platform is seen as transformative, with 72% of respondents planning to deploy one across networking domains in the next two years. Anticipated benefits include faster innovation, improved network performance, and enhanced security posture.

2. AI integration: Organisations are moving towards self-optimising networks with AI, with 89% planning to implement AI-ready data centers and 61% integrating AI-native predictive analytics into their operations.

3. Secure networking: Security is a top concern, with 42% of participants highlighting the need to integrate networking and security for improved IT and business outcomes.

Overall, Cisco’s report underscores the critical role of networking in driving business success and highlights the growing importance of advanced technologies like AI in shaping the future of digital businesses.

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