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Ngee Ann Polytechnic Partners with Darktrace to Empower Next-Generation Cybersecurity Workforce with AI Training

Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) has joined forces with AI cybersecurity firm Darktrace to equip students with the skills necessary to safeguard businesses against cybercriminals. Recognizing the escalating costs and shortages in cybersecurity professionals, NP’s School of InfoComm Technology will introduce the pioneering AI in Cybersecurity Specialisation to 80 students enrolled in the Diploma in Cybersecurity & Forensics program.

The collaboration with Darktrace will enable students to work alongside AI tools in identifying and monitoring real-time network threats. As part of the specialized program, students will have the opportunity to select three co-developed, co-delivered, and co-assessed electives taught by Darktrace professionals. Additionally, students will benefit from attending masterclasses conducted by Darktrace representatives, gaining access to the firm’s proprietary platform, and familiarizing themselves with the technologies employed by cyber analysts. Practical insights into the applications of cyber-AI will be provided through exposure to actual use cases from Darktrace’s global operations.

Darktrace highlights the necessity of human skills and knowledge in maximizing the potential of AI tools within the realm of cybersecurity. The collaboration between NP and Darktrace aims to bridge this human-AI partnership, emphasizing the critical role of human expertise when applying technology to yield significant impact for organizations. Germaine Tan, VP of Cyber Risk Management at Darktrace, expresses enthusiasm for the Cyber AI Centre initiative, stating that it presents an incredible opportunity to welcome and upskill the next generation of cyber talent.

In an era where cyber-resilience is paramount and disruptions from attacks can impede growth and operations, businesses increasingly recognize the value of cybersecurity expertise. By providing students with a deep understanding of the risks and the potential they bring to the field, NP’s program prepares them to embark on successful careers in cybersecurity. Tan emphasizes the importance of welcoming young talent into the cybersecurity community, as their fresh perspectives contribute to the ongoing conversation and fill crucial resource and skill gaps as organizations address cyber risks.

Darktrace emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between humans and AI, with AI shouldering the heavy lifting to allow human professionals to focus on higher-level thinking, decision-making, and strategic initiatives. The collaboration between NP and Darktrace seeks to develop a next-generation cybersecurity workforce that effectively leverages AI as a tool to enhance human capabilities.

The partnership between NP and Darktrace underscores the significance of continuous and lifelong learning for individuals across technical and non-technical domains, particularly as society transitions into the AI revolution and embraces democratized AI. By equipping students with the necessary AI skills, NP’s program aims to empower the next generation of cybersecurity professionals to navigate the evolving cybersecurity landscape and protect businesses from emerging threats.

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