Obrela Proudly Announces Approval for Dubai Cyber Force Program and Supply of Cybersecurity Services


Obrela Approved for Dubai Cyber Force Program: Leading Cybersecurity Provider in Dubai

Obrela, a renowned global cybersecurity service provider with offices in Dubai, has achieved a significant milestone by becoming one of the first companies accredited under the Dubai Cyber Force Program. This achievement allows Obrela to offer both penetration testing and incident response services to Dubai government, quasi-government organizations, and critical information infrastructure projects (CII).

The Dubai Cyber Force Program, a collaboration between CREST and the Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC), aims to enhance the cybersecurity ecosystem in Dubai. This program is aligned with the Dubai Cyber Security Strategy (DCSS), which aims to position Dubai as one of the most secure digital cities globally.

George Daglas, CSO and CCO at Obrela, expressed his delight at being approved for the Dubai Cyber Force Program, highlighting the company’s commitment to providing top-notch cybersecurity services. Obrela’s accreditation is a testament to its dedication to excellence in safeguarding government entities and critical infrastructure worldwide.

Nick Benson, CEO of CREST, congratulated Obrela on its accreditation, commending the company for its expertise and dedication to cybersecurity. The Dubai Cyber Force Program sets a high standard for cybersecurity service providers and professionals, ensuring a consistent level of protection for Dubai’s public sector and critical information infrastructure.

Dr. Bushra Al Blooshi, Director of Cybersecurity Governance Risk Management Department at DESC, emphasized the program’s role in ensuring high-quality cybersecurity services for government, semi-government, and CII organizations. The Dubai Cyber Force Program is a crucial step towards enhancing cybersecurity in Dubai and promoting a secure digital environment for all stakeholders.

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