Recent cyberattack results in leaked files on dark web, says KCK police


Cyberattack on KCK Police and Fire Networks

A recent cyberattack on the Kansas City, Kansas police and fire networks has led to a major data breach, with files leaked on the dark web by cyber criminals. The extent of the attack is more extensive and damaging than initially thought, with a source revealing that a majority of files held by the police and fire departments in KCK have been compromised.

The leaked files contain sensitive information such as open investigations, training data, bank records, personnel files, and compliance reviews. This has raised concerns not only for the departments involved but also for the public who have interacted with them. Mayor Tyrone Garner expressed his worry over the strain this attack has caused on resources.

Cybersecurity experts have identified the threat actor behind the attack as Black Suit, who have a website on the dark net listing their victims and their files. The leaked files are now live on the dark web, posing a significant risk to those directly involved, especially employees of the affected departments.

Despite the ongoing fallout from the cyberattack, Mayor Garner reassured the public that essential services are still operational. However, the concern remains high as the dark web is known to host individuals with malicious intent. The city continues to investigate the breach and work towards securing their networks to prevent future attacks.

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