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Scality’s Impressive Growth and Cybersecurity Advancements in ARTESCA 2.0 Release

Scality, a leading company in the storage market, has experienced significant growth outpacing the overall industry in 2022, with a 20% increase in business year-on-year. Surprisingly, nearly 40% of Scality’s business came from the public sector, while another 40% was from enterprise buyers. With two distinct products, Scality offers a range of capabilities that cater to the needs of the enterprise storage market.Scality’s flagship product, RING, is a software-defined unified file and object storage solution. Now in its ninth generation, RING handles petabytes of data across various storage tiers using a distributed object storage model. It offers seamless scalability, high availability, and cost-effectiveness on commodity hardware, making it an attractive solution for organizations seeking to optimize their storage infrastructure.On the other hand, ARTESCA is a secure object storage solution designed specifically for cloud-native applications. Launched in 2021, ARTESCA provides high-performance enterprise S3 object storage with robust cyber-resilience and data protection features. The recent release of ARTESCA 2.0 focuses heavily on enhancing cybersecurity capabilities for customers.ARTESCA 2.0 addresses the growing concern of cybersecurity in enterprise IT organizations. Constant battles with persistent attackers and the direct impact of downtime on business-critical systems have made cybersecurity a top-level concern. According to Veeam’s 2023 Ransomware Trends Report, 45% of attacks in the past year directly impacted production data, and over 93% of ransomware attacks attempted to infect backups, hindering successful recovery.To mitigate these risks, ARTESCA 2.0 introduces new features that harden the attack surface for environments using object storage as a backup target. The release is built on a security-hardened Linux kernel, significantly reducing exposure to critical vulnerabilities that plague Linux environments. It also brings comprehensive support for Veeam Data Platform Direct-to-Object and Smart Object Storage API, enabling data immutability and operational efficiencies.ARTESCA 2.0 enhances security with multi-factor authentication (MFA) for secure logins and introduces automated deployment of network firewall rules. These features complement the existing secure endpoint termination, data encryption-at-rest, and S3 immutable object locking capabilities, providing integrated protection.In addition to cybersecurity enhancements, ARTESCA 2.0 brings new enterprise-grade features. The simplified installer enables faster installations and quicker time-to-service for Veeam backups and restores. Deployment options have been expanded, with ARTESCA now available as a VMware virtual appliance in the popular OVA format. The release also increases ARTESCA’s capacity by 250% compared to previous versions, offering up to 5PB of usable capacity.Scality has established strategic partnerships and integrations with major cloud providers, enabling seamless extension of storage infrastructure into the cloud. This integration enhances data mobility and efficient data management across hybrid environments, catering to diverse sectors such as media and entertainment, healthcare, and finance.Competing against peers like MinIO and Cloudian, Scality’s success in a crowded market is noteworthy. The company’s focus on managing large-scale data complexities and empowering enterprises to navigate the data-driven era has garnered recognition in the industry.As organizations face growing data security challenges, Scality’s impressive growth and the advancements in the ARTESCA 2.0 release demonstrate its commitment to providing safe and secure storage solutions. By offering enhanced cybersecurity features and expanding its enterprise capabilities, Scality continues to play a crucial role in the evolving storage landscape, enabling organizations to protect their data assets in an increasingly complex digital environment.

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