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Empowering Change: Women Transforming the Security Industry

Title: Empowering Change: Women Making Waves in the Security Industry

A quiet revolution is unfolding across the Middle East, as more women step forward to join the ranks of security professionals, not as mere observers, but as architects of security itself. These transformative women are breaking down barriers and reshaping the landscape of the security industry.

Egle Zemeckaite, an International Incident Management & Travel Security Advisor at Securitas, shares her experience of moving from Europe to the UAE and being warmly welcomed into the local work environment. She emphasizes the value attributed to her contributions and the empowerment she feels in voicing her opinions and ideas.

Amani Al Balawi, working on the Jeddah Al-Balad Project, reflects on the challenges of being a minority in a male-dominated field but highlights how her unique perspective and skills as a woman have allowed her to bring a different approach to problem-solving in the security industry.

Haneen Aldakheel, a Security System Engineer at Naizak Global Engineering Systems, encourages women to seize opportunities in the security sector and emphasizes the importance of certifications and collaboration to unlock new horizons.

Samar Al Balawi, a Dispatcher Supervisor in AlUla, expresses pride in being part of a changing landscape where diversity and inclusion are increasingly valued and recognized in the security sector.

The article also includes insights from Betania Allo, a cyber lawyer and policy expert, on steps to encourage more women into the security sector, such as inclusive hiring practices, mentorship programs, collaboration with educational institutes, and cultivating a safe and inclusive work environment.

The stories of these women and the strategies shared by experts like Betania Allo highlight the importance of gender diversity in the security industry and the significant contributions that women are making to create a safer and more inclusive world.

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