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Global CIOs Prioritizing Sustainability Investments: Logicalis 2024 Report

Tech leaders are making sustainability a top priority in 2024, according to the latest report from Logicalis. The report, which surveyed over 1,000 CIOs globally, found that an overwhelming 92% of CIOs are investing in sustainability initiatives or technologies this year.

With economic uncertainty looming, CIOs are at the forefront of their organization’s sustainability strategy. The report revealed that 96% of tech leaders are involved in their company’s overall sustainability planning, with 93% believing that IT is essential to achieving their environmental objectives.

In addition, 90% of CIOs are now assessing the sustainability credentials of new suppliers before working with them, showing a growing emphasis on environmental responsibility throughout the supply chain.

While investing in sustainability is seen as beneficial for the environment, it also brings cost savings and operational efficiencies for businesses. However, there are challenges to overcome, with 93% of CIOs facing obstacles in reaching their environmental goals.

Bob Bailkoski, CEO of Logicalis, emphasized the importance of investing in sustainability, highlighting the long-term commercial benefits it can bring to businesses. He also stressed the need for carbon accountability in technology outcomes and the role of tools like the Digital Fabric Platform in managing the carbon performance of IT estates.

Toby Alcock, Chief Technology Officer at Logicalis, pointed out that with access to good data, CIOs can identify short and long-term gains in both environmental and financial aspects. He also highlighted the potential for businesses to attract customers by demonstrating a commitment to sustainability.

Overall, the report indicates a shift in priorities for CIOs towards sustainability, with technology playing a crucial role in driving environmental initiatives and achieving long-term sustainability goals.

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