The Ambulatory Surgery Center of Westchester, operated by The Mount Kisco Surgery Center LLC


Mount Kisco Surgery Center Announces Data Security Incident and Response Efforts

Data Breach at Ambulatory Surgery Center of Westchester

Mount Kisco, N.Y. – The Ambulatory Surgery Center of Westchester (ASCW) has recently reported a data security incident that may have affected the personal information of certain employees and patients.

The breach was first discovered on November 3, 2023, when unusual activity was detected in an employee’s email account. Immediate steps were taken to secure the account and a thorough investigation was launched by a digital forensics and incident response firm. It was determined that unauthorized access to certain files in the email account occurred between October 23, 2023, and November 3, 2023.

Following a comprehensive review, ASCW identified that personal and protected health information of individuals, including names, Social Security numbers, medical information, and financial account details, was potentially compromised. Written notifications were sent out to impacted individuals on June 26, 2024.

In response to the breach, ASCW has implemented enhanced security measures to prevent future incidents. They have also set up a toll-free call center to assist individuals with any questions or concerns related to the breach. The call center is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 9pm EST at 1-888-715-8252.

ASCW is located at 34 S. Bedford Rd., Mount Kisco, NY 10549. The source of this information is The Mount Kisco Surgery Center LLC.

The ASCW takes the privacy of its patients and employees seriously and is working diligently to address the security breach and provide support to those affected.

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