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Huawei’s Xinghe Intelligent SASE Solution: Revolutionizing Cybersecurity in the Intelligent Era

Huawei Unveils Xinghe Intelligent SASE Solution at Network Summit 2024

The recent Middle East and Central Asia stop of the Huawei Network Summit 2024 in Baku, Azerbaijan, showcased the unveiling of Huawei’s groundbreaking Xinghe Intelligent SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) solution. This innovative platform represents a significant step forward in cybersecurity intelligence, addressing the evolving challenges posed by the intelligent era.

The Xinghe Intelligent SASE solution integrates network and security capabilities into a unified platform, offering a comprehensive and efficient approach to enterprise branch deployment and operations. By leveraging AI-powered analysis, detection, and handling, Huawei enables organizations to establish a robust and intelligent network security protection system for their global branches.

Adrian Chirita, Principal Network Security and AI Research Expert at Huawei European Research Center, highlighted the advanced capabilities of the Xinghe solution, stating, “Huawei Xinghe Intelligent SASE Solution has leading intelligent defense capabilities spanning the cloud, network, edge, and endpoint, providing a future-proof intelligent network-security convergence solution for enterprise branches through intelligent analysis, detection, and handling.”

The Xinghe solution’s cloud-based Qiankun security analysis platform employs over 8,000 inference rules to automatically handle security events across the network within seconds. Additionally, AI-powered security detection models enable automatic correlation analysis of security events, enhancing operational efficiency by 100 times.

On the network front, the HiSec SASE Solution supports ultra-large networking and dynamic tunnelling technology, ensuring optimal service experience for enterprise branches. At the edge, the HiSec SASE security gateway boasts four dedicated AI security engines, achieving a threat detection rate of up to 99.9%.

Huawei’s commitment to security innovation is evident in its development of the HiSec Endpoint intelligent endpoint security system, which offers advanced protection against ransomware and endpoint threats.

By embracing AI and a holistic approach to cybersecurity, Huawei is empowering organizations to navigate the challenges of the intelligent era and build a secure digital future.

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