Trend Micro collaborates with NVIDIA to enhance security of private data


Trend Micro partners with NVIDIA for secure private data

Trend Micro Incorporated has recently announced a groundbreaking partnership with NVIDIA to enhance the security of AI-enabled private data centers both regionally and globally. This collaboration will see the integration of NVIDIA NIM and NVIDIA Morpheus with Trend Vision One™ – Sovereign and Private Cloud (SPC) solutions, providing businesses with advanced security measures for generative AI adoption.

By leveraging NVIDIA NIM’s optimised AI inferencing microservices to locally serve Trend’s Cyber Security Large Language Model (LLM), Trend Vision One – SPC will significantly strengthen security solutions by improving data privacy, real-time analysis, and rapid threat mitigation. This integration is specifically designed to address the complexities of next-generation AI-driven data centers and deliver highly efficient threat detection and response capabilities.

Dr. Moataz Bin Ali, Regional Vice President and Managing Director, MMEA at Trend Micro, emphasized the importance of this partnership in the rapidly growing AI sector, stating that the region is expected to see annual growth rates of 20% to 34%. He highlighted the mission of Trend Micro to enable businesses to fully leverage AI potential while ensuring top-tier security and data protection.

Pat Lee, VP of Strategic Enterprise Partnerships at NVIDIA, also expressed the significance of integrating security into AI applications, noting that leading companies are recognizing the importance of deploying generative AI in various environments, including sovereign private clouds. The collaboration between Trend Micro and NVIDIA showcases how generative AI can be used to enhance security measures across a wide range of enterprise infrastructure, ultimately providing customers with a secure and efficient AI-driven environment.

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