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UAE and Israel Forge Stronger Cybersecurity Bonds Through Landmark Cyber Delegation

In a significant step towards deepening their partnership in the field of cybersecurity, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel recently witnessed a landmark cyber delegation, led by Dr. Mohamed Al Kuwaiti, the head of Cyber Security for the UAE. The high-level government delegation, consisting of representatives from leading Emirati entities, attended the prestigious CyberWeek 2023 conference in Tel Aviv.During the conference, Dr. Al Kuwaiti delivered a keynote address in the main plenary panel titled ‘Safeguarding the Nation: Cybersecurity Strategies for a Digital Age.’ Joining him on the panel were Gaby Portnoy, the director-general of the Israel National Cyber Directorate, and several other top international government officials. The participation of the UAE delegation in this prestigious event highlights the growing partnership and collaboration between the UAE and Israel in the realm of cybersecurity.The delegation’s visit provided a platform for engaging with key cyber stakeholders in the Israeli cyber ecosystem, including investors, chief information security officers, and top cyber experts. It also involved visits to leading cyber labs, research and development centers, and startups, with the aim of exploring opportunities for deeper partnerships and collaborations. This initiative allowed participants to gain valuable insights into the latest global trends in cybersecurity and identify potential areas for bilateral investment.Dr. Al Kuwaiti emphasized the importance of mutual collaboration between the private and public sectors in addressing cybersecurity challenges. He stated that cyber security is a shared responsibility that requires collective efforts and a common vision. By fostering partnerships with industry and academia, the UAE aims to promote a cybersecurity culture and ensure a more secure and resilient digital future for the nation and its partners.Amir Hayek, the Ambassador of Israel to the UAE, highlighted the ongoing commitment of Israel and the UAE to nurturing these relationships and promoting cross-border partnerships in cybersecurity and beyond. Both nations recognize the critical significance of a secure and robust digital infrastructure.During the Cyber Week conference, EliteCISOs, a global cybersecurity community based in the UAE, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Cyber Together, an Israeli NGO, to extend this community to Israel. This strategic partnership aims to enhance cooperation in the field of cybersecurity between key professionals from both countries. The MoU will facilitate knowledge-sharing, joint training, and workshops to bolster cybersecurity capabilities, develop a skilled cybersecurity workforce, and address emerging threats in the UAE and Israel.This collaboration between EliteCISOs and Cyber Together was initiated and fostered by the Consulate-General of Israel in Dubai, exemplifying broader efforts to establish new cyber-based partnerships between entities in the two nations.The UAE, known for its thriving global innovation and technology hub, and Israel, renowned for its cutting-edge technological advancements and cybersecurity expertise, share a common pursuit of excellence in cybersecurity.The landmark cyber delegation organized by the Embassy of Israel in the UAE, the Consulate General of Israel in Dubai, and Israel Trade Mission to the UAE underscores the growing collaboration and friendship between the two nations in the cybersecurity domain. This growing partnership not only strengthens cybersecurity capabilities but also reflects the shared vision of both nations in fostering a secure digital landscape capable of withstanding emerging threats.

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