US car dealers facing challenges as CDK agrees to pay ransom to BlackSuit attacker


CDK Global Cyberattack: BlackSuit Demands $10 Million Ransom

Auto dealers across North America are facing a crisis following a cyberattack on automotive software provider CDK Global by the BlackSuit hacker group. The hackers have demanded a staggering $10 million ransom, causing chaos for over 15,000 auto dealers who rely on CDK’s services.

CDK Global has been working tirelessly to restore its core applications after being hit by not one, but two cyberattacks. The company has been collaborating with third-party experts to expedite the restoration process, which is expected to take several days.

Rumors suggest that CDK may be considering paying the ransom to BlackSuit, with reports indicating that the demand has escalated to $50 million. This has raised concerns about the security of third-party providers in the automotive industry and the potential ripple effects of such attacks.

Major auto retailers like AutoNation and Group 1 Automotive have been significantly impacted by the CDK outage, forcing them to resort to manual processes to continue their operations. The disruption has highlighted the vulnerability of interconnected ecosystems and the need for robust security measures.

The BlackSuit ransomware cartel, previously known for targeting educational and municipal sectors, has now set its sights on CDK Global, adding to its long list of high-profile victims. The group’s history of data exfiltration and extortion has put CDK in a precarious position, with the ransom demand reaching unprecedented levels.

As the automotive industry grapples with the aftermath of the cyberattack, dealerships are bracing for further disruptions and financial implications until CDK’s systems are fully restored. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the evolving cyber threats facing businesses and the critical importance of cybersecurity measures.

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