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What Does It Mean To Be Completely Sober?

Try to choose a quality sober living home located outside of your hometown as well. Being farther away from the environment that initially drove an addiction can help individuals avoid relapse. Someone’s family and friends could become a barrier to recovery, or may even trigger relapse. Conversely, having a change of scenery and being safely away from temptation can facilitate faster healing. However, AA did little to address housing needs for its participants as they worked through the program.

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As you become more confident in your sobriety, you will start to respect yourself enough not to reach for a bottle. Being accountable to yourself and staying true to yourself will give you the most powerful motivation to stay sober. At this early stage of your recovery journey, though, you will not have addressed the root cause of your addiction, and your sobriety will be remarkably fragile. The dictionary definition of sobriety is the state of being sober or not affected by alcohol. If you’ve been in the throes of addictive behaviors for some time, you may be used to chaos and high-stress situations. Getting sober will remove some chaos and stress, but staying sober will require finding a balance between self-care and external responsibilities.

Effectiveness of Going to a Sober Living House

Building a support network can take time, but the efforts are worth the benefits of having the right people in your life for your sobriety journey. Building a support network is one of the best things you can do to build a strong foundation for sober living. Sobriety is a general term for staying away from mood and mind-altering substances. Consider asking folks at a recovery meeting or touching base with any sober friends you may have. If you recently completed a treatment program, contact the staff there for referrals to local sober living homes. Research on sober living houses also states that residents experience a higher possibility of securing employment and a lower likelihood of getting arrested.

  • Everyone faces unique challenges with addiction and there is no fixed blueprint for sobriety.
  • Some sober living houses may be placed in neighborhoods with high crime rates.
  • In general, sober living homes are privately owned homes for people recovering from drug or alcohol addiction.

That includes helping them abstain from substance use, attending meetings, and establishing other healthy routines. Sobriety can be a fixed-term goal (i.e., staying sober for Dry January) or a lifelong goal (living a sober lifestyle or staying sober from all substances). “California Sober” is a new approach to sobriety; however, there is no official definition for describing it yet.

How to Get Sober

And those who abstained for five years remained sober and avoided relapse 85% of the time. Here’s a list of basic sober living rules that many homes enforce. Surely non-alcoholic wines taste sober house just like the real thing because they start out just like the real thing. The alcohol is just removed at the end, keeping you buzz-free and well on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Those living in a sober living house are serious about their recovery. They want to be held accountable and to support their housemates. The goal is to transition to an independent lifestyle – free of substance abuse and addiction.


While some may be hungry to integrate back into society after a stint in a treatment program, there is an expectation that you will remain an active participant in the home and follow its rules. Some sober living houses may be placed in neighborhoods with high crime rates. The Simple and sober meaning essentially boils down to ‘not being drunk.’ It refers to being free from any form of intoxication.

The brotherhood between house members empowers everyone to walk through tribulations with much-needed support, and to meet our high standards. Everyone here knows what it means to be their brother’s keeper. Cell phone policies vary from home to home, as do pet policies. Some homes allow cell phones and pets if they aren’t disruptive.

To learn more about sober companion pricing, connect with us and one of our team members will be happy to answer any questions you have. To learn more about how our recovery center can help you, please reach out to our friendly admissions team today. Begin by recognizing that your state of mind, your sobriety, and your inner peace are all vulnerable, threatened at any time and from any angle. You can, though, take some sensible steps to protect yourself and your sobriety. The more robust strategies you can develop to cope with stress in a healthy way, the more likely you are to stay sober without relapsing.

It can also help individuals hone their coping skills, learn how to communicate effectively, and trust themselves. Recovery and sober living homes can empower individuals to get the help they need, and the aftercare required to complete rehabilitation. Having a solid support system and a safe living environment allows residents to grow, and to get the accountability they need to sustain sobriety. The millennial generation has been instrumental in popularizing the sober curious lifestyle, among other things like yoga, mindfulness, and plant-based diets. Through the practice of a sober curious lifestyle, sobriety has, in fact, become more acceptable in society. In recent years, many bars have opened up in different parts of the country offering non-alcoholic beverages, mocktails, and other drinks like kombucha.

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