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XM Cyber Enhances Continuous Exposure Management Platform to Bolster Cybersecurity

XM Cyber, a pioneer in hybrid cloud exposure management, has unveiled significant enhancements to its continuous exposure management capabilities. In an environment where cyberattacks often go unnoticed, enhancing security posture has become an increasingly pressing concern. However, the challenge lies in aligning security and IT teams regarding the prioritization of thousands of CVEs, misconfigurations, and vulnerable identities. Furthermore, addressing the growing number of legacy system remediation endeavors that lack justification poses another hurdle. The latest updates to XM Cyber’s platform aim to counteract hybrid cloud active directory attacks and streamline security teams’ ability to identify and mitigate threats.Gartner® has positioned Threat Exposure Management as a Top Cybersecurity Trend in 2023, predicting that “organizations that prioritize their security investments through a continuous threat exposure management (CTEM) program will experience two-thirds fewer breaches by 2026.” Gartner also emphasizes the complexity and fragmentation of the modern enterprise’s attack surface due to evolving IT practices, such as the adoption of SaaS. This complexity can lead to diagnosis fatigue and conflicting remediation priorities. Enterprise CISOs recognize the need to refine their assessment strategies to comprehensively gauge combined threat exposure and address vulnerabilities in their security posture.”As the attack surface continues to expand, prioritizing our remediation efforts becomes a challenge. Deciphering harmless alerts from critical exposures and determining which vulnerabilities are most urgent for safeguarding our organization’s vital assets can be overwhelming,” stated the Director of Security at a US Insurance company. “XM Cyber assists us in overcoming this challenge by accurately evaluating our environmental risk and pinpointing high-priority exposures that demand immediate attention. Their step-by-step guidance for remediation has streamlined exposure resolution timelines and significantly elevated our overall security posture.”In the escalating threat landscape, attackers increasingly exploit identity and credential vulnerabilities to move laterally between on-premises and cloud environments. For instance, attackers compromise Azure AD Connect, a common tool to synchronize AD and Azure AD environments, by stealing PRT tokens to widen their attack reach across hybrid environments. XM Cyber’s platform update addresses these new attack tactics, extending its attack graph mapping technology to minimize the effort required to enhance an organization’s security stance against cyberattacks and eliminate high-risk attack pathways.

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