YouTube imitates X’s Community Notes for informal fact-checking by amateurs


YouTube Testing Feature Similar to X’s Community Notes: Fact-Checking and Context Tool on Misleading Posts

Google-owned YouTube is taking a page out of X’s playbook by testing a new feature called Community Notes, aimed at fact-checking and adding context to potentially misleading posts. This move comes after the success of X’s Community Notes, which have become a staple on the platform since their launch in 2021.

Community Notes on X have empowered users to debunk misinformation spread by various sources, including Russian state-sponsored propaganda and cryptocurrency scammers. Even X’s controversial CEO, Elon Musk, has been corrected by users through this feature.

Now, YouTube is following suit by inviting a select group of users to propose relevant and timely notes to videos uploaded by others. These notes could clarify parodies, highlight new product versions, or correct outdated footage presented as current events.

Similar to X, YouTube will use a “bridging-based algorithm” to determine which notes should be promoted, ensuring a broad range of ideas are prioritized. This system has helped X’s Community Notes steer clear of political biases and has proven to be cost-effective compared to hiring professional fact-checkers.

However, crowdsourced fact-checking has its limitations, as notes only appear after content has reached a wide audience. With the abundance of misinformation on social media platforms, fact-checking struggles to keep up. Last year, only 32% of X posts spreading misinformation about the Israel-Gaza war were flagged by Community Notes.

The pilot YouTube feature will initially be available on mobile in the United States and in English. The company will evaluate its success over the next few months before deciding on further expansion. Stay tuned for more updates on this innovative approach to combating misinformation in the digital age.

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