Zelenska did not purchase a Bugatti hypercar for $4.8M


False Propaganda: Ukraine’s First Lady Did Not Buy Bugatti Hypercar

The recent spread of fake news claiming that Ukraine’s first lady, Olena Zelenska, purchased a limited edition Bugatti hypercar for $4.8 million has left supporters of Ukraine furious. However, it has been revealed that this news is nothing more than a carefully crafted propaganda campaign, most likely of Russian origin, aimed at discrediting Ukraine and undermining international support crucial for fighting Russian troops on Ukrainian soil.

The false news originated on a French-language website, Verite Cachee, which claimed that Olena Zelenska and her husband, President Volodymyr Zelensky, attended a private presentation by Bugatti in Paris and decided to purchase the luxury car. The article even provided “proof” of the purchase, including an invoice and a video featuring an alleged Bugatti dealership employee.

Despite the efforts to spread this misinformation, experts and citizens quickly debunked the fake news, pointing out that the video was likely a deepfake and the claims were baseless. The Ukrainian Center for Countering Disinformation denounced the propaganda as another attempt by Russian sources to discredit Ukraine’s leadership on the international stage.

As the NATO summit approaches, where Ukraine’s international support will be crucial, it is evident that such propaganda campaigns will continue to target Ukraine and its allies. The luxury car maker Bugatti, known for its high-end vehicles, recently introduced the Bugatti Tourbillon, a partially electric car with luxurious features like titanium and gemstones.

With ongoing tensions and disinformation campaigns, it is essential for readers to remain vigilant and discerning when consuming news related to Ukraine and its leadership. The upcoming NATO summit and the Summer Olympics 2024 are expected to be prime targets for further propaganda efforts and cyberattacks.

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