AdaCore’s research demonstrates innovative approach to achieving ‘Security by Default’ – Intelligent CISO


AdaCore’s Research on Security-Enhanced Embedded Real-Time Systems and Arm’s Morello CHERI ISA Extensions

AdaCore, a leader in software development and security solutions, has unveiled groundbreaking research that showcases a revolutionary approach to ensuring the security of embedded real-time systems. In an era marked by escalating cyber threats and vulnerabilities, AdaCore’s research emphasizes the critical importance of integrating memory-safe hardware with memory-safe software to fortify the security of real-time systems.

The research, presented at the ERTS conference by AdaCore’s team led by Paul Butcher and Daniel King, highlights the development and evaluation of a security-hardened Ada runtime on Arm’s Morello CHERI extended ISA microprocessor. This innovative approach combines memory-safe programming languages with secure microprocessors to establish a robust security framework for embedded systems.

By adopting a “Security by Default” philosophy, AdaCore’s research aims to embed security measures directly into the hardware and software layers, ensuring that security is a foundational element throughout the development lifecycle. The team’s paper, titled “Security by Default – CHERI ISA Extensions Coupled with a Security-Enhanced Ada Runtime,” outlines the benefits of their approach and its potential to revolutionize cybersecurity practices in real-time systems.

AdaCore’s research opens up new possibilities for enhancing the security of embedded systems, promoting a safer and more secure technological landscape. The team’s findings underscore the significance of prioritizing security by design and integrating advanced security measures into every phase of system development. With their pioneering approach, AdaCore is paving the way for more resilient and reliable technology in the face of evolving cyber threats.

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