Advanced Natural Language Search Engine by Ipsotek’s AIVA Engine


Ipsotek, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence Video Analytics (AIVA) technology, has announced a groundbreaking advancement in its core engine. The new development allows users of the VISuite platform to utilize Natural Language Search (NLS) to search and identify objects within videos.

This innovative technology, known as Eviden Computer Vision platform software stack, enables users to enhance safety, security, operations, and business intelligence through real-time alerts and a dashboard. By incorporating NLS, users can now search for information using everyday spoken language, providing increased flexibility and coverage for their use cases.

Dr. Boghos Boghossian, Chief Technology Officer and Global Sales Director at Ipsotek, expressed excitement about the new capabilities of the AIVA engine. He stated, “Users can now leverage the power of natural language to search videos, fulfilling a key aspect of our original vision of AIVA; when it understands our spoken words.”

The update to AIVA within VISuite offers numerous benefits for users, including effortless object search, enhanced scenario-based rules, human-like object detection, and unlocking new use cases. This development exemplifies Ipsotek’s commitment to continuous innovation and pushing the boundaries of AI, computer vision, and big data.

With the introduction of NLS, Ipsotek is empowering its clients to unlock the true potential of computer vision technology. This advancement opens doors to a wide range of potential applications, allowing users to address unforeseen challenges and optimize video analytics across diverse industries.

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