AI-driven solutions for hospitality launched by RUCKUS Networks


RUCKUS Networks Launches AI-Driven Solutions for Hospitality Industry

CommScope, a global leader in network connectivity, has unveiled a new suite of RUCKUS Networks solutions tailored for the hospitality industry. These solutions aim to enhance operational efficiency, sustainability, and brand loyalty for hotels and resorts worldwide.

The suite includes AI-driven Wi-Fi 7 solutions that provide high-performance services and simplify technology deployment at scale. By using AI-driven cloud-based management and assurance, the solutions help drive operational efficiency for property owners, service providers, integrators, and IT managers.

One of the key features of the suite is identity-based differentiated experiences, where guests are offered rewards or benefits based on their loyalty level. This includes premium Wi-Fi connectivity for higher-level guests without any extra charge. Additionally, the suite offers brand compliance features that provide 360-degree brand report cards covering policy compliance, network health, and guest experience.

Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with hotels reporting a 90% reduction in Wi-Fi disruptions and a significant increase in guest satisfaction. Miguel Fonseca, IT Systems Manager at Royal Garden Hotel, noted that the cost to handle an incident has decreased by 75% since implementing RUCKUS AI.

Joseph Martin, Vice President of Product Management for Single Digits Inc., praised the RUCKUS solutions for empowering them to provide innovative services that enhance guest experiences and brand loyalty. The suite includes RUCKUS One Hospitality Edition, RUCKUS Wi-Fi 7 Solutions, RUCKUS AI, Hospitality Gateway, and RUCKUS IoT Suite.

Bart Giordano, SVP and president of Networking, Intelligent Cellular & Security Solutions at CommScope, emphasized that the RUCKUS suite of hospitality solutions is designed to improve brand loyalty and operational efficiency in the industry. With AI, Wi-Fi 7, and cloud-native network management solutions, hotels can deliver amazing guest experiences, scale services across brands and locations, and create new efficiencies throughout the value delivery chain.

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