“AI Empowers Customers in Unprecedented Ways” – Lothar Renner, Cisco


Exclusive Interview with Lothar Renner, Managing Director, Security Sales and Engineering for EMEA at Cisco: GISEC 2024 Highlights and the Impact of AI on Cybersecurity

Cisco’s Managing Director, Lothar Renner, unveiled groundbreaking security capabilities at GISEC 2024 in an exclusive interview with CNME Editor Mark Forker. Renner emphasized the impact of AI on cybersecurity and introduced Cisco Hypershield, a game-changing product set to reshape the security landscape.

With the global cybersecurity market on the rise, reaching close to $300bn by 2028, Cisco is at the forefront of innovation. Renner, a respected technology leader with 23 years at Cisco, showcased the company’s flagship products at the event, focusing on workforce and infrastructure protection.

Renner highlighted the importance of cloud services hosted locally in the UAE for data sovereignty concerns. Cisco’s new local cloud data center for Duo multifactor authentication aims to strengthen cybersecurity posture for businesses in the region.

Addressing budget constraints, Renner explained how Cisco’s suites enable businesses to access critical security solutions without financial burden. The platform approach, supported by AI, offers customers a comprehensive security solution to enhance cyber resilience.

Renner emphasized the power of AI in cybersecurity, showcasing Cisco’s AI Assistant solution for efficient firewall management. The announcement of Cisco Hypershield, with virtual patching capabilities to block vulnerabilities automatically, received overwhelming customer interest.

In the face of rising phishing and identity attacks, Cisco’s Identity Intelligence solution provides businesses with the tools to combat cybercrime effectively. Renner’s insights at GISEC 2024 underscore Cisco’s commitment to empowering customers with cutting-edge security solutions.

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