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Interview with Selim Bouri, Vice-President of Airbus Public Safety and Security: Insights on CCW 2024 and Regional Strategies

Airbus, a global leader in critical communication solutions, is gearing up for a significant presence at CCW 2024 in Dubai. Selim Bouri, the Vice-President of Airbus Public Safety and Security in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, emphasized the company’s commitment to providing innovative solutions while evolving its customers’ existing networks.

At the event, Airbus will showcase its latest products and solutions, including a new generation of hybrid solutions, professional services, and secure satellite connectivity. The booth will feature 10 live demonstrations and stands, highlighting the company’s cutting-edge technology and expertise in critical communications.

Bouri expressed high expectations for CCW 2024, citing the opportunity to engage with critical communication operators from around the world, share experiences, and collaborate on future innovations. The theme of Airbus’ participation at the event will focus on Hybrid Connectivity and New Applications, emphasizing the importance of practical usage and application of technology in critical operations.

In recent months, Airbus has continued to adapt its regional strategies to meet the evolving needs of its customers, ensuring a smooth transition to innovative solutions without disrupting daily operations. The company plans to host a series of online and offline engagements alongside CCW 2024, including keynotes, presentations, demos, and tech talks, to further engage with industry stakeholders and showcase its capabilities.

Overall, Airbus is poised to make a significant impact at CCW 2024, reinforcing its position as a leading provider of critical communication solutions and highlighting its commitment to supporting the safety and security of communities worldwide.

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