Amazon to discontinue “Just Walk Out” technology at its Fresh grocery stores


Amazon Ditches “Just Walk Out” Technology at Grocery Stores: What’s Next?

Amazon’s decision to ditch its “Just Walk Out” technology at its grocery stores has sparked controversy and raised questions about the future of checkout-less shopping. The e-commerce giant is set to open new Amazon Fresh stores without the technology, opting instead for Dash Carts that allow customers to scan items as they shop.

The “Just Walk Out” technology, introduced in 2016, was meant to revolutionize the shopping experience by enabling customers to skip the checkout process entirely. However, recent reports from The Information revealed that the technology was not as automated as initially thought. In fact, around 1,000 workers in India were reportedly used by Amazon to track customers remotely, leading to delays in generating receipts and accuracy issues.

The decision to move cashiers off-site and use remote workers in India has raised concerns about labor practices and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, the technology has been costly for Amazon, with a high number of sales requiring human reviewers to ensure accuracy.

Furthermore, Amazon’s legal troubles have been mounting, with the US Federal Trade Commission and state attorneys general suing the company for allegedly using anticompetitive practices in the e-commerce market.

As Amazon shifts its focus away from “Just Walk Out” technology, the future of checkout-less shopping remains uncertain. The move highlights the challenges and complexities of implementing innovative technologies in the retail sector and raises important questions about privacy, labor practices, and the future of shopping experiences.

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